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DOORTRADE Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is engaged in the provision of professional solutions in the field of passive fire partitions designed to protect buildings against the spread of fire and to allow safe egress from a building covered by fire on the basis of the application of appropriate classes of fire resistance and the separation of fire zones obtaining the appropriate integrity and fire insulation. The offer includes EI30, EI60, EI120 steel and wooden fire doors and fire doors of various types, which meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and durability. EI classes determine for how long the door will provide protection against fire and high temperatures. We customize steel fire doors to meet the individual requirements of our customers.


  • single or double wing door,
  • without glazing or with total and partial glazing,
  • painted with any color from the RAL color palette,
  • equipped with additional locks, handles, e.g. stainless steel, door closers of different strength adjusted to the leaf weight, peepholes, gaskets and smoke thresholds, access control, e.g. electric strikes, reed switches,
  • made in anti-burglary class (wooden only).

Our strategy is to build a strong brand in the segment of sales of steel fire doors and other passive fire protection, whose task is to minimize the degree of fire danger in buildings.

Our offer
Fire doors

Doortrade Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. delivers professional fire-rated and fireproof solutions. Our strategy is to build a strong and recognizable brand in sales of technical and fire doors. Our offer is addressed to companies operating in the construction industry, as well as to dealers, who are solving challenges of fire protection withpassive fire protection means.

Multifunctional doors

We offer both metal and wooden Porta products. We meet our customers’ needs as a whole and that is why we wider supplemented our assortment with door hardware and fittings, door closers and many other, different and useful solutions. The offer of wooden fire doors is addressed to all customers from all over Poland.

Fire gates

Dbając o skuteczne zabezpieczenie stref pożarowych oprócz standardowych drzwi przeciwpożarowych, oferujemy także szeroki asortyment bram przeciwpożarowych, umożliwiających sprawne i szybkie zamknięcie przejść oddzielających strefy przeciwpożarowe.

World brands

We are the only representative in Poland of Andreu Barbera company, the leader on the Spanish market in the production of EXTERNAL SEAMLESS STEEL DOORS.

In our offer, we have wooden types of fireproof doors and gates manufactured by Polish company Pol-Skone. Our warehouse in Warsaw is fully stocked with fire doors in different sizes, types single or double and then different fireproof resistances. Most products available from the shelf.

The doors, depending on your requirements can be, equipped with crash bars, door closers, electric locks, smoke-tight gaskets, etc.

Check our comprehensive offer. We gladly answer for all of your question, and help with any problems.